Larry L. Yates, ThD, DMin
Dr. Larry L Yates is a Minister, Author and Bible Teacher. He is President and Co-founder, with his wife Shelia of Miracles in Action, an Apostolic teaching ministry dedicated to sharing the Apostolic Faith, the revelation of our Full Salvation and the realities of the New Creation to lost and hurting humanity through a basic understanding of the truth and reality of God’s Word.

Larry holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Apostolic Theological Bible College in Tampa, Florida and graduated summa cum laude with a Doctorate in Theology from Calvary Bible College and Seminary in South Bend, Indiana and his PhD in Religion from Cypress Bible Institute in Van, TX. He completed his Doctor of Ministry at Great Commission Bible College in Kiefer, OK.

In addition to his duties as President of Mineola Bible Institute and Seminary he is a member of the Board of Regents of the International Apostolic University, in the UK.

He is author of numerous books on apostolic topics available on Amazon- Click here


Bishop Dr. Vestal, PhD

Bishop D.R. Vestal pastors Apostolic Temple in Garden Valley, Texas. He has spent 48 years as a Bible teacher and has lectured extensively on Bible prophecy and doctrine. He earned his Master of Theology degree from Indiana Bible College, Seymour, Indiana in 1988. Bishop Vestal holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion degree and previously served as pastor in Cypress, California. Dr. Vestal is recognized internationally as an author and publisher of books and courses on Bible prophecy and apostolic doctrine.


Shelia Yates
A 1995 graduate of Liberty University’s, Institute of Biblical Studies, Shelia is a third generation Pentecostal raised in the truth since childhood. Shelia has 19 years of experience in the medical field. She has worked for several ministries in an Administrative capacity, including Be Fruitful and Multiply Ministries and Talent Sharing Ministries International and Cypress Bible Institute. She is Vice-President and Co-Founder with her husband of Miracles in Action.


Pastor Joe Hill
Pastor Joe Hill was raised from childhood in a little Apostolic Faith Church in Tracy City, Tenn. He currently the Pastors Calvary Apostolic Church of Jesus in Tullahoma. Tennessee. He has been pastoring for 26 years.
God has led and continues to lead the church into outreaches that benefit our church, community and surrounding areas leading people into the realm of a dedicated life to our Savior Jesus Christ. They currently support missions in Haiti. We have a food ministry and adhere to the needs that arise within our congregation and community. We foster and harbor the growth of “Hear the Cry Ministries” which has been a blessing to each one that partakes, ministers to needs and support the work of hands reaching out to help others in need.


Dr. Bryan Dickinson
Dr. Dickinson has spent over 20 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections for a crime committed before coming to Christ. While inside he earned his Associate in Theology from Cypress Bible College, as well as his Bachelor’s in Theology, Master’s in Nouthetic Counseling, and his Doctorate in Christian Education from Shalom Bible College.

He is founder of Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus Ministries. In addition to its prison ministry, it supports missionaries in Jerusalem, Jordan, Brazil, Africa, Haiti, Italy, and Honduras. Bryan has the vision of going into these nation’s penal systems.

He is also founder and publisher of the magazine Nobody Like Jesus. This quarterly publication goes into prisons and jails both here and internationally. Dr. Dickinson is the author of three books on the apostolic faith.



Omar Stiefer

An ordained minister with Cowboys for Christ International and part of the ministry team at the Pentecostals of Lindale, in Lindale Texas, Brother Stiefer is also an accomplished Christian artist who has released two successful CD’s.

He is a Senior Living Specialist with over 30 years of experience in management and leadership. As former Regional Vice President of the Nation’s largest Senior Living Company, Brother Stiefer was responsible for over thirty senior communities. He was responsible for over 80 million dollars of revenue, and exceeded company profit expectations. He was responsible for leading and developing leaders and building a foundation centered on great people, each developing other great people.